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The best thing that's ever happened to me, as a florist, is getting the Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show. I think the year I got the Gold Medal, there were three Gold Medals given. I had my name in the paper and it was on websites - so it got my name known.

My name is Linda Cottee. I got into floristry by mistake. I saw the job advertised in the JobCentre for a driver in a flower shop in Clacton.

I moved to London because that's where all the fashionable florists work. I had my own shop in Hammersmith, West London, from 1990 until 2005.

Warwick Castle; Day-to-day bouquets; St. James' Palace; Wedding Flowers; Buckingham Palace; Birthdays; Prince Charles' 50th Birthday..

In London especially there's a lot of need for flowers in offices. And that's what I enjoy doing.

BT - their head office; various companies in Canary Wharf.

When I go to an office, I look at the type of office it is. If it's modern furniture. I look at the artwork on the walls. Everybody's got their own opinion of what type of flowers they'd like in their office and I speak to the people of course.

I use seasonal flowers to a certain extent. Obviously, some flowers are available all throughout the year. Sometimes it looks a bit false if you've got daffodils in September.

It's difficult to say what is the most satisfying aspect of floristry for me, because I love it all.

It depends what kind of arrangement it is. This one probably took me about half an hour, three quarters of an hour.

I've been doing this for 27 years. You're always learning. I talk to myself - my flowers might listen sometimes. No, I don't believe they scream when you cut them.

My favourite flower changes every week. Saying that, Calla Lilies are one of my favourites. The black tulip? There's no true black flower. They're all very very dark purple.

Fairly expensive, but then something like the Calla Lilies, you don't need many to make them look beautiful.

Beautiful flowers come from every country in the world.

I think it's a very old fashioned point of view, saying that Lilies are a 'death flower'. Although I don't use a lot of them in offices because some people are very allergic to them.

It's more time-consuming to make something like this. Maybe my stuff's worth more because of the time taken to create an arrangement like this, rather than a quick bunch that I could do very quickly.

Elton John? It was in the papers that he spends £250,000 a year on flowers. Why shouldn't he spend the money on flowers? They're beautiful. Definitely. I wish I had that contract!

It's just one of those jobs that you either love it or you hate it, and I happen to love it.

What's Prince Charles like? Short! But he was very nice.

My ambition is to carry on making flowers for anybody that wants to look at them. And that could go on forever.

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