Christmas trees

15 December 2010

73 Christmas trees decorated in the last 2 weeks......can I manage one more at home?


Hallowe’en.....or Christmas?

8 November 2010

Door wreaths – lovely for Christmas, but here is one made last week for a customer to give a touch of Hallowe’en to her front door


4 Weddings........and a funeral

22 September 2010

No time for blogging lately, things have been hectic (not that I’m complaining). After two and a half weeks of sun in the gorgeous South of France, it was back to work with a vengeance ...... three weddings on one weekend, another next weekend (I LOVE doing wedding flowers) and funeral flowers during the week (a very sad occasion, but surely made a little more bearable when surrounded by beautiful flowers?).
I’m hoping that all the brides will be sending photos of their speacial day so I (and you, if they allow me to publish the photos) can see the flowers “in action”



14 July 2010

It is only July, isn’t it?

It is, but it is also only just over 5 months until Christmas and today I’ve had my first meeting about Christmas decorations with a client. 

It does feel strange talking baubles and garlands whilst the weather is sweltering outside, but I do so like to be organised!



5 July 2010

Subconsciously I must have been feeling a little spicey whilst ordering flowers for my contracts this week – a combination of gingers and curcuma.

The cut stems of red ginger flowers (Alpinia purpurata) smell faintly of ginger although are not from the same species as the roots we use in cooking (ziniber officianale).

Curcuma is the plant that turmeric comes from – a fact I only found out during my trip to the Eden Project a few weeks ago. I find it amazing that such a delicate, pink and lime green flower could have roots that produce that vivid, stains-everything-you-touch, yellow colouring.